Fight hard for it.

You may experience some genuinely joyful moments amid your grief. 

These are gifts from God. 

Don’t be surprised when the enemy tries to rob you of this Joy by warring on your mind. 

He’ll probably speak his native language: lies. 

(See John 8:44.)

Lies intended to distract you from the goodness of God that outshines and outlasts pain. 

(See Romans 5:5.)

The enemy will use guilt. I feel bad that I feel joyful. I can’t be happy when I’m so sad. Lie. 

You can be both. Praise God; we don’t grieve like those without Hope. 

(See 1 Thessalonians 4:13.)

The enemy will use self-fixation. What’s wrong with me? I can’t be happy when I’m in immense pain. What am I missing? Lie. 

You’re a complicated creature created by a good and complex God who helps you and fills you with Hope. Praise God; He created and knows your inmost being. 

(See Psalm 139:13.)

The enemy will use shame. What will others think if they see me smiling when I’m supposed to be distraught? I should be embarrassed. Lie. 

God carries our load and makes us overflow with Hope. Praise God; coexisting joy and sorrow can both point to Jesus. 

(See Romans 15:13.)

The enemy will use fear. When will the other shoe drop? Is more pain coming tomorrow? Lie. 

Not your worry to carry. Praise God; He is already in tomorrow, but He created you to experience Him in today. 

(See Matthew 6:34; Psalm 118:24.)

You may experience some genuinely joyful moments amid your grief. 

These are gifts from God. 

The goodness of God will outshine your pain.

But at times, you’ll have to fight to see it. 

Fight hard for it.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ann says:

    Once more, your words have brought me comfort! I covet your prayers as I struggle to deal with my sister’s death by suicide, an adult brother that I am a court appointed guardian for and an unexpected tax burden!


    1. paigepippin says:

      Ann, I was in disbelief when I read your post about your losses a couple weeks ago. I have no words about what you’re walking through. I am so, so sorry. I am privileged to bear with you in prayer, but I wish I could also hug you.


      1. Ann says:

        Thanks for your prayers and virtual hugs!
        Your momma sure is smiling down on you but, more importantly, our Heavenly Father!


  2. Marg Lincoln says:

    Love to you!! Thank you 😍🥰


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