Hello, friend.

I’m Paige Pippin, and this is my blog.


I’m a wife.  I’m a mama.  I’m an attorney.

I’m mostly a social misfit.

I consume unnatural amounts of coffee, but that’s why I’m smiley.

I unabashedly justify my caffeine intake because many of my deep conversations occur over a cup of coffee.

I enjoy chronicling my experiences with the Lord and reminding others of God’s love for them.

I also enjoy photographing whatever delectable coffee I’m presently guzzling. Have you seen me guzzle coffee before?

Drinking coffee

Well, now you have.

I’m here to encourage you as I write about what God puts on my heart.

But I’m also here for laughter as I recount my uncanny ability to humiliate myself and probably others by association.

This is the day the Lord has made, and that alone is reason to rejoice and be glad.

It’s an honor to have you reading along.

Much love to you,