Dear Mom, I see Jesus in you.

Dear Mom,

I see Jesus in you.

When you sang me to sleep night after night.

When you made me grilled cheese for years straight without complaint.

When you came along to field trips just to be with me.

I saw Jesus in you. 

When you made my favorite birthday dinners. 

When you hosted and hauled all my friends to church.

When you were the first to say, “I’m sorry.”

I saw Jesus in you. 

When you left a card in my car to tell me I’m loved.

When you rubbed my back and caught my teenage tears.

When you saw a stranger’s need and showed me how to meet it.

I saw Jesus in you. 

When you let my needs come before your dreams.

When you showed me how to receive grace.

When you loved Dad and my brother well.

I saw Jesus in you. 

When you were mistreated and chose forgiveness.

When you pushed away comfort to comfort others.

When life went sideways and you still laughed.

I saw Jesus in you. 

When you wrestled with deep pain and continued choosing God.

When others got what you want and you poured blessings on them.

When you showed me how to Hope despite grave disappointment.

I saw Jesus in you. 

Mom, I know you’ll tell me you fell short. You‘ll tell me what things you want me to do differently. You‘ll tell me what you would change. 

And I’ll tell you that your imperfections only taught me more about Jesus. 

Mom, I see Jesus in you. 

I love you. 


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  1. Carol H Siniard says:

    Thank you for your beautiful reflection of a flawed life!😂 If there is any truth in these words then run to Jesus! He is the One we all need❤


    1. paigepippin says:

      Amen…There is no substitute for King Jesus. In Him, we find everything. Thank you for reading. 💛


  2. My name is Charlotte Maples and that poem brought me to tears. My husband and I raised 6 daughters. We had all 6 in ten years, 5 of them were 6 and under, so I really had my hands full. We didn’ know our wonderful Lord until my oldest daughter started going to church. She came home one Sunday and was crying and I said Tonya what happened she said nothing happened but when I get out of Sunday School every one but me has a mom and dad with them and I don’t have either, I said Tonya next Sunday I don’t know about your dad but your sisters and I will be joining you. And that is how the Lord worked on us one by one and we have been attending it was Mt. Olive Church at SimcoeOur pastel retired about a year ago after being 94 years old but we have a wonderful replacement, I hope ever one read these things that have been said and get right before it’s to late!,,


    1. paigepippin says:

      Charlotte, what a good God we serve…thank you for sharing that beautiful testimony. It builds my faith to hear how He intervenes in our lives.


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