Christmas While We Wait: 12 Devotionals for Holiday Grief.

A Note to Readers—

Dear friend, if you find yourself dreading the holidays, I hope you know you’re not alone in this place. This is our first Christmas without Mom. It pains me to see those words on my screen.

I started writing a Christmas devotional for you, but somewhere in the middle—I realized I needed it as much as anyone. So Monday, December 7th, marks the beginning of that 12-day blog series on holiday grief, titled Christmas While We Wait. If you, or anyone in your life, is trudging through a season of suffering, would you please share this series with them?

I hope you find fellowship in walking through this season together. We are never alone in our suffering. Our Lord felt pain in proportions we will never know, and He is called the Light of the World. Imagine what He can do in your darkness. Praying you fellowship with Him in unchartered ways this Christmas.

-💛- Paige

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