Come home.

3C2AA451-40FC-463E-AE37-C49C1B394AD7.jpegPain will try to twist you into something you’re not. 

War against it. War against it with everything in you. 

You feel unloved. 

He is greater. His Word says He, Himself, is Love. (1 John 14:6).

You feel abandoned. 

He is greater. He says He‘ll never forsake you. (Hebrews 13:5).

You feel unseen. 

He is greater. He created your inmost being. (Psalm 139:19).

You feel separated. 

He is greater. Nothing in all of creation, not even your darkest moments, can separate you from His Love in Christ Jesus. (Romans 37:38-39).

The greatness of your pain is an indication of our ever greater God. 

Hold fast to Him.

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