To my dear reader.

Oh friend, how I’ve missed you in January. 

We’ve been running hard toward February. So let’s just breathe one gargantuan sigh of relief together. Take it in. Yes, just like that. Now let it out. 


We see you, February. 

I don’t know about you, but we’ve been handcuffed to the house with snot and vomit and Lysol. And no, that’s not a supernova. Those are bleach fumes from my house. Apologies to the planet and all lungs, near and far. 

We’re going to be okay. We’re going to be okay. 

I’ve taken the past month to work on some writing projects, but I’ve also largely been asking God for clarity in this writing thing. I’m still messily walking that out, but I can certainly scribble down a few points—

You are loved. Seriously, sweet reader, I love you. Your heart is near to me. I want so much good for you in this often painful existence. 

I pray over you. As I write, I pray God translates my piddly words to whatever good He has for your heart. I trust He has something. 

My heart sings when I write. It gives me so much joy to *try* to encourage you with Truth. You are meant for so much more than this life has to offer. 

I hope you read yourself into my posts. If at the end of the day, my stories and content and micros don’t somehow lift you out of the muck, I’ve fallen short of the call. But even where I fall short, I hope you somehow see God working on my shortcomings. 

I want you to know and love our good and gracious Savior, Lord Jesus. I want this more than any of the foregoing points. His grace is reckless and intoxicating. It pursues us and brings us to our knees and calls us up out of our mess and puts adrenaline in our veins and makes us do ridiculous and courageous things out of love.

I pray my posts break you open. With laughter, with feelings, with silly, with tears, with empathy, with a glaring reminder that you are not alone, and there is so much more to this empty life. I pray that this somehow softens you to the heart of Christ. 

I can’t possibly convey how much Jesus Christ personally loves you, but I will darn well try.

I’m incredibly grateful for an opportunity to speak into your life. I commit to submitting to God in this endeavor.

Following Jesus is my greatest adventure. 

Laughter is my medicine. 

Encouraging you is my purpose.


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