I’ve missed you.

Hi. Hi. Hi.

Can I just say that I’ve missed you?

Yes, I have.

We must catch up.

You’ll have to excuse my radio silence of late following the recent birth of our second bundle.

I now spend my days as a milk cow, wondering if my two-year-old is in the other room playing with matches. 🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄

Life is good.

I’ve been wanting to share gush about my birthing experience.

Just kidding.

That would be too intimate for a blog.

Wouldn’t it?

Well, if you’re going to twist my arm.

In all honesty, it was curiously euphoric and I’m still on a high.

Glory to God.


The Lord brought it together.

Because I had such a miserable c-section recovery with our first, we were vying for a VBAC.

When zero progress was made the day before my due date, hopes for a VBAC were diminishing. But that evening, our sweet babe decided otherwise.

Glory, glory.

Labor took a while.

My poor Drew was mostly in the corner, mostly queasy.

Intermittently, he would appear, high five me, parrot some sports-like rally cry, and resume his position behind the curtain.

Then it was time to push.

But not without inspiration, no sir.

I naturally requested Eye of the Tiger, and DJ Drew made that iphone sing.

I know our sweet doctor thought we were nuts. Although he must have secretly appreciated the experience because eventually he requested his own Rocky hit.

It was a somewhat extended pushing experience, so I had some oxygen to keep me company.

Oddly enough, Drew needed that oxygen even more than I.

By the last hour, due to some inherent risks with a VBAC, there was a standard medical team of maybe seven in the room.

No less than each medical provider that entered asked if Drew was going to be okay.

Eye roll.

While we had not learned the gender of the babe, I just knew we were having a little girl.

Mother’s intuition, of course.

To ensure the accuracy of my mom compass, I packed a slew of pink bows and dresses for little sis to don in her first photos.

I don’t know why I was so cocky about it, but I had referred to “her” all pregnancy long. Even our Andy knew he was having a sister.

So when they plopped that big baby boy on my chest, I quickly remembered how broken my mom compass has always been and forever will be. 😉

Apparently my nurses had peeked in my hospital bag and had hardy laughs about the baby girl apparel.

And for weeks following his brother’s birth, Andy repeatedly told me he liked “her.”

I’m sorry, sweet baby boy Brooks.

His blue eyes and brown hair are lovely, but it’s his dimpled chin that demands hundreds of kisses daily.

We’re awfully smitten.

I can’t help but smile.

There is something sweet about a mama’s bond with her boys and the unique bond between brothers.


All the feels.

The Lord knew what He was doing because these boys seem to manage my constant state of pandemonium.

Shrugs shoulders.

So you excuse my radio silence, then?


Because this milk cow needs to get back to her gourmet lunch of gold fish crackers before warden number one awakes from his nap.

Talk to you soon, friend. ❤️




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