Today’s the day.

Have I ever told you how much I love Valentine’s Day?


[Sheepish grin.]

[Looks down at floor.]

[Clears throat.]

Forgive me.

If there’s ever a day to unabashedly declare my love for people, today’s the day.

Now, life at a law firm has taught me that not everyone is a “hugger.”

And that’s okay.

You do you.

But I’ll do me.

And today’s my day. 💃🏼

Today is an excuse for me to spew all my feelings, as awkward as that often makes those around me feel.

My non-feeler friends are running for the hills, but I can usually find and corner them with a big, lingering bear hug.

Come here, you. 😉

Have I told you how much the Lord loves you?

He does.

Have I told you I love you?

I do.

Have I told you I’m thankful for you?

I am.

Thanks for reading along.

Thanks for encouraging me.

I’m awfully grateful.

Big hug.


Now let’s get down to business.

Tell me all your Valentine’s secrets.

Tell me how you’re celebrating.

Tell me you’re celebrating by yelling telling your three-year-old to calm down.

Tell me I didn’t crush his sweet, sensitive spirit.

Tell me it’s the weather?

Tell me it’s the donuts, lemonade, and chocolate he just consumed?

Tell me his pancreas is going to recover.


Tell me you also attempted some cheesy crafts.


Tell me art’s not your calling either.


Tell me you’re a fraud who made box cupcakes.


Tell me, tell me.

Tell me you’re also in search of your favorite Valentine’s evening wear.

Yes, me too.

No really, have you seen my favorite jams?

My husband hid them.


But if you’re on the lookout, they’re soft, with 10 years of gentle wear and a stellar pink donut pattern.

I’ll see if I can call up an old photo.

Be right back.

Ah yes, here we are:


Yeah, I really like them too.

Aren’t they purrrrfect for Valentine’s Day? 😻😻😻


Tell me, who doesn’t appreciate a little mystery for the eyes? 👀👀👀

Amiright? 🧐🤣

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I hope it was a good one, sweet friend.

Xoxo 💋💋💋


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  1. Ann says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to a real sweetheart! Tell your sweet mom hello !❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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