What is it about those unbridled emotions and thoughts?

They don’t align with truth, yet they’re convincingly realistic.

They come at you when you’re sleepless or by yourself at night.

They creep in when you’re weary from battle.

They persuade you with logic, usually wrapped in lies.

They never extend the benefit of the doubt.

They are why we so desperately need scripture as an anchor for our souls. Always at our fingertips.  Ready to rebut those thoughts and emotions premised on falsities.

So we train ourselves daily.

We train ourselves to remember God’s Truth—

When I fear my wrongs separate me from You, Lord, Your perfect love drives out my fears. [1 John 4:18.]

When I experience rejection, I remember You, Father, chose me.  [See Romans 8:33.]

When I feel tethered to my past, You say I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus. [2 Corinthians 5:17.]

When I am paralyzed about a decision before me, I know You’re guiding me along right paths for Your name’s sake. [Psalm 23:3.]

When I fear my circumstances will never improve, You’re continually working for my good and Your glory.  [Romans 8:28.]

When this life seems too burdensome, You remind me that to live is Christ.  [Philippians 1:21.]

When I grapple with the brevity of this life, I remember to die is gain.  [Philippians 1:21.]

When I’m too weary to lift my hands, the joy of You, Lord, is my strength. [See Psalm 28:7.]

When the future is daunting, I remember today is the day You have made.  [Psalm 118:24.]

When I am blinded by dark facts, Your word is a lamp unto my feet. [Psalm 119:105.]

When I feel distant from You, Father, Your right hand holds me fast.  [Psalm 139:10.]

When I am helpless, You are my ever-present help.  [Psalm 46:1.]

When I hear wrongs spoken about me, I remember You rejoice over me. [Zephaniah 3:17.]

When I want to compare myself to others, I remember I’m made in Your likeness.  [Genesis 1:27.]

When I fear resources are deficient, You’ve given me everything for life and godliness.  [2 Peter 1:3.]

When sickness wreaks havoc on me, You heal all of me. [Psalm 103:3.]

When I see injustice perpetrated, I know You’re working righteousness and justice for all oppressed.  [Psalm 103:6.]

When sorrowful circumstances defy all understanding, I remember Your peace passes all understanding.  [Philippians 4:7.]

When nobody rises to my defense, I recall that You are my advocate.  [John 14:16.]

When others harbor malice toward me, You prepare a table before me.  [Psalm 23:5.]

When I feel inadequate, Your grace is sufficient for me. [2 Corinthians 12:9.]

When I feel forgotten, I recall that You spared nothing–not even your own Son–for me.  [Romans 8:22.]

When I am faithless, You, dear Jesus, are faithful. [2 Timothy 2:13.]

Exhale my dear friend.

Exhale out those thoughts, emotions, or beliefs that conflict with the Word of God.

Inhale the Words that God breathes on You.

Inhale those Words daily.

Post them on your fridge.

Scribble them on your mirror.

Write them on your heart.






Here’s to you, my dear friend. I’m so thankful you’re reading along.❤️

Much love to you,




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  1. Raelisa says:

    Once again you gave me what I needed


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